Seeing the big picture, not just vast amounts of data.

Now more than ever, there are powerful analytical tools available 
that can parse large sets of genomic and other kinds of data. And 
any good R&D organization has extraordinarily skilled computational biologists, bioinformaticians, and researchers on staff.

We're not competing with these resources - instead we're complementing and focusing them in a very unique way. 
Think about it as a progression. The technical wizardry of computational biologists can create sophisticated algorithms to compile and curate information from large genomic and other types 
of datasets - but what exactly is that information telling you? 
And research scientists with deep, specific knowledge can characterize novel genes in vitro and in vivo to better understand 
their function and validate hypotheses about their importance in disease. But do you know where to best focus their efforts, or are 
you taking an indiscriminate sledgehammer approach - tackling as many targets as time and resources will permit?
Something's missing in the middle. 
Something which is affecting your efficiency and the likelihood 
that your R&D organization is on the right track to the next therapeutic breakthrough. 
That's where 4th & Aspen comes in. 
In studying what appear to be unrelated systems, we've come to realize how Nature has a clever way of utilizing themes repeatedly, so that similar patterns - and similar solutions - show up in unexpected ways. Recognizing these patterns isn't always straightforward, but when it happens, it can provide a new way of solving the key to your R&D puzzle.

We have experience appreciating how individual "micro" facets assemble into a vision of the "macro" - how to assemble the many pieces of genomic and computational data into a whole picture.
What's more, we leverage our extensive knowledge gained from years of exploring diverse areas of biology (see some cases here).  This broad perspective can help eliminate bias and preconceptions that bedevil the path to breakthrough insights in R&D. 

Let's start a conversation about how we can bring out the best in your R&D organization.