"As the Founder of Tn Consulting, I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Sirid on varied projects for my clients looking to secure federal funding through research grant applications.
Sirid excels at paying attention to detail while keeping sight of the bigger context, whether it's providing external review of a grant application or managing a large, on-site program grant project. She applies her combined acumen in science and marketing to create materials that are scientifically sound, while also providing a compelling business case. She is professional, dependable, engaging, a sharp problem solver, self motivated, and very well spoken/written. All of the clients Sirid has worked with have also told me how impressed they are with her consulting skills and how much they have enjoyed working with her. She's a dynamic team player who always strives for the best solution to any problem. I would highly recommend her to any potential client or collaborator and would be happy to provide an in-person recommendation at any time."

Alixanna Norris, PhD
Founder, Tn Consulting
"The Actives Factory engaged 4th & Aspen to help us attract customers and strategic partners.
Sirid helped us create top-notch, deeply researched white papers that highlight our products' potential benefits in skin, immune, cardiometabolic, and men's health. She displayed a quick grasp of these diverse areas, curating and distilling scientific literature and communicating the credibility of our claims in language that can be understood by non-scientists. She also created a marketing flyer for us, which was well-received by potential partners, and performed a preliminary intellectual property search. She's very responsive, thorough, and her deliverables have exceeded our expectations. We look forward to continuing to work with her."

Brian Garhofer
President & CEO, The Actives Factory
"I've worked with Sirid on various occasions, and find her
insightful and effective about marketing and communications in the biotechnology space. When Nelsen Biomedical needed a new presentation to approach potential clients, she created one that is clean, well-designed, and gets to the heart of my company's value proposition. She listens well, and asks the right questions. If you're looking for a better way to tell your company's story - whether through presentations, social media, or content marketing - Sirid is definitely an asset."

Barbara Nelsen, PhD, MBA