This presentation introduces our consulting group and our capabilities.

"Rotavirus" (Powerpoint)

This presentation is highly scientific and detailed, aimed at an audience with a fundamental understanding of health and societal issues pertaining to rotavirus infection. (no audio)

Blog Articles (Wordpress)
The examples shown are science-based articles written for a company blog, and have an educational objective generally aimed at the non-specialist healthcare practitioner. Other work has focused on the business of biotech and will be featured here at a future date.

NK cell testing

See also writings about

Scientific Successes
For details on Fernando's scientific contributions, visit this summary page and, for some expanded narratives, our 4A Insights page.

This 2012 presentation was intended for an audience of high school students interested in pursuing a career in science.

"The IL-1 family" (Animated diagram)

Let video tell your business' story.
In the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro, we recommend Storyboard Films.

Promoting your company